July was full of wonderful activities for the seniors. They created a fabric flag for the 4th of July and enjoyed a variety of outdoor entertainment including tall tales from Jenny Appleseed, music by Tripper’s Band, and lovely guitar music by Pastor Kendall Harger and Worship Leader Tobie Seguin from Spring Green Community Church. Resident George Buringa also celebrated his 84th Birthday on July 23rd with a special car parade. The parade included wreckers from George’s Auto Body, a local business that his family runs, and a fire truck driven by his son Marty. George and his kids have over 100 years of volunteerism in total – George gave 60 years of fireman service to the Spring Green Community! Thanks to all who shared their time and talents with us this past month and to all who made George’s birthday so special! To view photos, please click on the web album.