Lots of fun and hands-on learning was in order for residents throughout the month of June. Volunteer Deb Cavanaugh arranged for a group of Meadows women to take a trip to her friend Lorraine’s house to watch how a long-armed quilting machine works.  Lorraine is an award-winning quilter and likes to teach others about it; they had a great time!  The seniors also enjoyed a Japanese-themed day with a presentation given by ElderSpan employee Elyssa Bennin, who recently traveled to Japan, and a delicious Japanese-inspired luncheon.  After the meal they played Fukuwarai, a Japanese party game similar to pin the tail on the donkey.  Lastly, the residents have been creating different watercolor projects each month, and for June, they had a wonderful time painting fish cutouts with a beautifully colored sea bottom and sky.  Many thanks to all who shared their time and talents with us!  To view pictures, please click on the web album.